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 We have been awarded the Farmer's and Merchant's Bank Compassion award for 2017 and Chamber of Commerce Citizen of 2016 the Year!

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i-5 Freedom Network Activity since January 1 2017

  • Vanguard University roundtable on hospitality and HT
  • Presented at Loyola Marymount University to School of Business and Ethics
  • Big Cheese at the Cellar
  • Congressman Royce Anti-Trafficking Committee
  • SCJWC San Clemente Junior Women's Club award recipient
  • Hosted a volunteer orientation and presented Ambassador program
  • Presented at EWI (Empowering Women International) San Diego
  • Holiday Inn Training
  • Training course for volunteers
  • Presented to SC Junior Women’s Club
  • Presented to St Andrew’s by the Sea
  • Presented to Kiwanis
  • Laura’s House training for Victim Advocates
  • Hosted HT 101 at SCPC
  • Northern CH&LA Conference (CA hotel & lodging association) training and trade show in San Francisco
  • Southern CH&LA Conference (CA hotel & lodging association) training and trade show in Pomona
  • Poker Walk
  • Consulted with Senator Atkins and the CH&LA on proposed mandate for HT training for hospitality (SB270)
  • Provided 3 presenters for press conference in support of the bill (i-5 FN VP Todd Forrester, Survivor Wendy Barnes, Hotelier Vipul Patel)
  • Invited as ministry for The Barnabas Group non-profit expo in SJC
  • Hosted HT in San Clemente training event at the Outlets
  • Authored featured article in the California Lodging publication for July/August
  • CO-Facilitated an HT workshop for NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) and the DoD in San Diego 


  • Community training event with local book group
  • JuST (Juvenile Sex Trafficking) conference sponsored by Shared Hope International, as attendees and for trade show in New Orleans
  • Training/presentation for AHIA (Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys)
  • Webinar training with CH&LA
  • Webinar training with Shared Hope International
  • Presenting for HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association, International)

Projects, campaigns and objectives

  • Massage Establishment Ordinance updates with City of SC, coordinating directly with Polaris Project’s Megan Carton
  • Training mandates for CA, develop standard of training with DoJ
  • Hospitality training
  • No LATA campaign (in development) to reach Spanish speaking hospitality staff

Board Member Updates

  • Added: Robert Ramsey, Chief of Police for city of Fontana and San Clemente resident, past president for the Boys and Girls Club, Fontana chapter
  • Added: Dr Ami Carpenter, PhD, lead researcher and author of ground-breaking study on the intersection of Gangs and HT in San Diego. Professor at USD
  • Vacant: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Brenda Wells Executive Director
  • Todd Forester VP
  • Jan Galati Treasurer
  • Lynda Thomas Marketing
  • Katie O’Donnell Secretary
  • Larry Thomas Business Development
  • Steve Miska Non-profit consultant
  • Gail Hiduke
  • Kim Yim

“Human Trafficking: Its Everybody’s Business” with Brenda Wells

Aug 8th, 2016 by dgfeller

"Human Trafficking: Its Everybody’s Business" with Brenda Wells. Founder and Director of i-5 Freedom Network, --A Corporate Response to End Human Trafficking. Americans are the best at finding where the dollars are and we do so especially well with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is this condition that has allowed human trafficking, both labor and sexual exploitation, to take hold in the US. And when we talk about human trafficking now, we are talking about US girls and boys, women and men, being exploited and trafficked by US men and women. California is consistently the state with the highest reported cases of human trafficking; OC is a top sex tourism destination in the country. Gangs are switching their commodities from drugs to humans. Employment agencies are luring the unsuspecting into jobs with no pay and abusive conditions. How can your business help put an end their business? Tune in and find out…

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

SMS: 233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")

1 (888) 373-3788


Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on August 4, 2016 on




February, 2016, Two Arrested in Anaheim for Alleged Trafficking of Fifteen Year Old Girl -Video

January 2016, 4 Human Trafficking Suspects Arrested in Orange County

August, 2015 “Cops, churches work to get human trafficking victims off Orange County streets”

August, 2014 Human Trafficking in Orange County: “It’s Right in Our Backyard”


POLARIS – letter to Congress

#DEMAND JUSTICE in California