MISSION: To engage our local government, law enforcement, and business communities in the effort to fight human trafficking via industry relevant education. These communities will be therefore empowered and encouraged to step up and make a difference, both in the prevention and recovery of victims. To learn more about training for you business and staff, click here.

WHY WE DO IT: It is the right of every human being to live with dignity and freedom. Human trafficking and its variants are unequivocal violations of basic human rights, and therefore must be eradicated. To do this, we need entire communities working together to effectively address all forms of exploitation. As such, we will be prepared to preserve the freedom of our neighbors and children as well as restore freedom to those suffering the pain and indignity of what is known as modern-day slavery.


OUR VISION: To transform entire communities into those that will mobilize and engage together in the fight to end human trafficking and exploitation in all its facets and forms. Once awareness has been raised, towns and communities will have a trained population of eyes and ears to absolutely effect change and become a city level Neighborhood Watch, thereby becoming known as a community inhospitable to traffickers & purchasers, and as a lighthouse for victims. The distance between saving the life of a potential or present victim of human trafficking and their prolonged suffering is less than hour of training and a phone number in your pocket (Call: 1-888-3737-888. Text BeFree: 233 733). To learn more about training for your business or organization, click here.

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