Pledge to Fight Modern Day Slavery

“It ought to concern every person, because it’s a debasement of our common humanity. It ought to concern every community, because it tears at the social fabric. It ought to concern every business, because it distorts markets. It ought to concern every nation, because it endangers public health and fuels violence and organized crime. I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name—modern slavery. ... Our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time, and the United States will continue to lead it…”
--President Barack Obama, September 25, 2012

"Human trafficking, trafficking in persons, or modern-day slavery is a crime and a global phenomenon that involves obtaining or maintaining the labor services of another person through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. These human rights violations can occur in the forms of commercial sex (sex trafficking) and forced labor such as [laundry & housekeeping services], domestic servitude, factory, or [landscaping &] agricultural work."
--Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force

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