Our Training

We offer both community and corporate training. Targeted to your audience, we tailor the training session to be as effective and efficient as possible, with an emphasis on establishing reporting procedures. We acknowledge that the hardest part can sometimes be having the courage to do something, therefore we concentrate much of our message on the reporting action and follow-up.

With 45 minutes, we can train your team to be fully prepared in not only the fight against human trafficking but also as an ally to protect the brand, the guests, and associates. Human Trafficking represents a danger to all components of your business; do not allow these nefarious entrepreneurs to exploit your business in order to conduct theirs...

In-person seminars are available for all departments and types of business, for management, and for executives. Hotels and motels, restaurants, malls and retail centers, commercial real estate (owners, management, and tenants) are among the top businesses to encounter human trafficking as both an area of recruitment and of engagement of activity.

We are also happy to bring the message to your community group! Churches, Kiwanis, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce are groups of committed community members looking to make a difference where they serve.


45 mins is a great time period as most of our staff mentioned as well

Yes I would recommend this be a annual refresher

The i-5 Freedom Network provided an invaluable service. The whole staff found the information to be very informative and beneficial. We are proud to have been the training ground for such a great organization. Being able to bring in a Spanish speaker was even more valuable then could be expected. Not only did the Spanish speakers have the opportunity to truly partake in the class but they were happy to know they could help.

Daniel G, DoubleTree Norwalk

About our Spanish Training

I think that the training we received for our housekeeping staff from the i5 Freedom Network was very useful. This training helped to open the eyes of our housekeeping department to the horrors that can take place behind the closed doors of our hotel. Our housekeeping department now knows that if they see anything suspicious, they are to communicate it to management. They have also learned to refrain from cleaning a room if they are suspicious at to the activities that have taken place inside, since it may be considered a possible crime scene. This training has given our housekeeping department the power to make a difference. Thank you.

--Edgar, Housekeeping Manager